What is customer service?

Customer service is a system organized to form a constant link from the beginning of communicating with the customer for the first time until the product is delivered, receipt, used. It is to satisfy the need of the customers continuously.

Many companies do not understand the service level that they are offering to their customers or otherwise; they don’t have specific policies for their customers. Sometimes, they have customer service policies but such policies are built unmethodically and they do not come from the results of a decent market research.
By considering carefully the customer service policies, marketing can increase the interest for the company by introducing a service level that can make different for products with respect to different customers.
If the products are similar and there is no difference in the quality, functions in the same market, so the service becomes the key factor showing the prominence of competition.

Customer service includes all aspects in the relationship of the producer with the distributor to customers. If we assume that, the price, sale representative, after sale services, all-in products… all are customer services.

The most important thing is the supplier should arrange all activities in line with his idea to serve the customer, which generated from the research of the customers ‘demand, in stead of his conception about the customers’ demand.

The customer service factors that need to study

  • Delivery period
  • Time from ordering to delivering
  • The belief of delivery
  • Urgent delivery as required
  • The availability of goods and providing products constantly
  • Fully provide goods as required
  • Notice when lacking goods
  • Convenience for the customers
  • Receiving order
  • Issuing correctly invoices
  • Personality of the seller
  • The frequenting of the seller
  • Producer supervises in-stock goods of retailers
  • Credit terms and conditions
  • Resolving complaints of the customers
  • Quality of the outside package
  • Mode of arranging goods
  • Expire date on the package is easy to read
  • Quality of inside package with respect to the arrangement and presenting in the shops
  • Consulting new products, models
  • Consulting using products and technical support
  • Warranty
  • Modify product in product range
  • Combining between producing, distributing and marketing

Customer service strategy

Measuring service quality