Advertising is communication?

In marketing communication such as sale promotion, public relation, personal selling, direct marketing, events, POS, e-communication… advertising is the most effective mean of marketing communication.

How to distinguish advertisement and other communication means? People base on 6 criteria to identify advertising:

  1. Advertising is a kind of communication against payment
  2. Person who pays for advertising content is an identified entity.
  3. Content of advertisement is to convince of to make impact to the buyers.
  4. The message transmitted in the advertisement can reach to the customers by various communication means
  5. Advertisement mostly reaches to potential customers.
  6. Advertisement is a non-individual marketing communication activity.

Popular advertising manners

Brand advertising

Brand advertising to build image or brand identification in long term. The content of this advertisement is very simple because it highlights only the brand.

Local advertising

Local advertising communicate to the customer that the products are selling in a specific location to attract the customers to the shops (such as advertising for launching a shop or advertising of the supermarket).

Political advertising

The politicians mostly advertising to convince the voters vote for them or support their ideas. The voting campaign of US president is one of examples.

Directory advertising

Directory advertising is to show the customer how to buy a product or service.


Direct-respond advertising is to sell products directly. Customer only call or send email for the delivery of products.

B2B advertising

B2B advertising aims at the companies, who are the buyer, but not to the consumers. For instance, the advertising for the materials or the equipment has been used only in the office or factory.

Institution advertising

Institution advertising is to enhance the identity of an institution or collecting the good feeling of the public to a company, organization (the advertisement of UN organizations or of tobacco companies to improve their image closing to the public)

Public service advertising

Public service advertising is regularly used to support the governmental programs or campaign (family planning, traffic safety…)

Interacting advertising

Interacting advertising mostly practice on the Internet aiming at the consumers individually. The consumer will reply by click on the advertisement or ignore it.

Media planning & buying

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Design & production