Marketing communication

Despite the fact that all marketing skills are similarly necessary and important, but communication skill draws most attention and being use most by marketers.

People who learn marketing fast and briefly usually skip the other skills to explore communication skill. It is dangerous, ineffective and may harm our budget because communicating without understanding market and strategy.

To know communication skill, the marketer should first understand

  • How communication can help the company archive the different strategic targets.
  • How is price, product, channel (3 other P) linking with communication in marketing mix
  • Different targets of communication and how to get those targets

Market period of the product and communicating strategy

While analyzing market, the marketer should identify the market period of the market where we are competing. With respect to each market period, the communication strategy will have different direction corresponding to each different period.

Market period and communication strategy

Section 1: communication strategy

What does a communication strategy include? As agreed mostly by people, a communication strategy includes:

  • Objective
  • Positioning message and explanation
  • Communication targets
  • Approaching strategy and message transmitted


I have met many people who do communication but vague from the communicating objective. Identifying the objective of communication program, in the other words, is similar to the soldier aims at the target when he fires. Failing to do so, we may waste our sources.

Positioning message

Positioning is the magnetic needle of all communication activities. Through positioning, the marketers know what to say, how to say and what method to say… In communicating strategy, positioning must be identified firstly and through a specific message.

Communication targets

Communication targets should not be the intentional and inspirational idea of a member in the board of management of the company, but it is the result of the former steps of planning marketing such as:

  • Market target and Segment target
  • Product Positioning
  • Marketing mix

Communication targets are designed with various objectives:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Informational objectives
  • Persuasive objectives
  • Reminder objectives
  • Brand building
  • Change a perception
  • Sell products
  • Comparing competition

Responding time of communication means

Each communication means will effect and respond in different time. Marketer should understand the responding time and the effectiveness of each communication means like the soldier knows the distance and the attack level of each weapon before using.

Respective budget with each communication mean

Analyzing the percentage of each communication mean and its application to each product, an overall picture of marketing expense.

Customer approaching manner and tools

The last material of communication strategy is approaching manner and tools. Actually, there are many different manners to approach to the customers but we can classify into 3 kinds:

  • Approaching manner with the direct presence of human (personalized)

The manner with direct communication of seller and customer

  • Approaching manner where human is only a part of communication (semi-personalised)
    The approaching manner with the support of marketing tools (like telemarketing)
  • Approaching manner without the direct participation of human (non-personalised)
    The approaching manner by only marketing tools.

Communicating pyramid

The communicating pyramid put in order all marketing objects by their classification. Marketers will define suitable tools for communication to respective escalation of that pyramid.

Integrating tools for communication

Marketers use the integrating tools, a selected set of communicating tools to communicate. To have an effective mix communication, marketers should deeply know the advantages, disadvantages and the application of each communication tool.

Set of optimizing tools for communication

A set of optimizing tools for communication is a set of integrated communication tools, which have been used in each period of the customer’s buying process. The marketer will select a set of optimizing tools for communication in consideration of their targets and finance

Popular communication tools

  • Sale staff
  • TV advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Advertising in entire the nation
  • Advertising on magazine
  • Mobile advertising
  • Leaflet
  • PR
  • Event sponsoring
  • Customer meeting
  • Direct correspondence
  • Promotion
  • Fair, exhibition
  • POS
  • Celebrity
  • Electronics (mobile phone, SMS, TV shows)
  • Sky drawing
  • Packet appearance
  • Company’s staff
  • Social marketing, charity
  • WOM
  • Internet advertising
  • Website, e-catalogue
  • Social network
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Search engines