Traceability of requirements
TPT assists you with tracing requirements in conjunction with testing. Requirements tracing
is demanded by industry standards like IEC 61508, DO-178C, EN 50128, or ISO 26262.

To make sure that for each requirement at least one test case exists, you can link requirements in TPT to test cases.
In general, an individual requirement can be linked and tested with several test cases.
An individual test case can also be linked to several requirements at a time.

With TPT, you can import the complete requirement for example from IBM Rational DOORS, Polarion or Excel and link it to test cases in TPT. In case a requirement is changed, TPT highlights the test cases linked to the changed requirement so you can easily see which test cases should be checked for consistency with the altered requirement.

TPT helps you to keep your test cases synchronized with the current version of your requirements.
This way, you can be sure that the requirements coverage is consistent.
This is a very important issue concerning the tracing of requirements.