Test assessment in TPT
In TPT, test results can be automatically assessed by using assessment rules (assesslets).
Manual assessment can be done with the Signal Viewer by PikeTec.
By using the Dashboard by PikeTec you can, thanks to visual feedback, even assess test cases during the test run.

Assess tests manually
TPT supports manual assessment with the Signal Viewer. With this tool, you can assess individual test runs graphically.
Functions like zooming, scaling of the view, several parallel windows, managing of display configurations,
as well as several cursors at the same time, and the display of differences are part of the Signal Viewer.

As an alternative, you can create graphical interfaces with the Dashboard by PikeTec
to interact with the system under test and to receive immediately optical feedback.

More information…(link to this: https://www.piketec.com/en/2/test_assessment/76.html)